Integrated system design

Benefit from the experience of a long-standing system integrator. We offer a good market overview and a wide selection of suppliers, ensuring the best possible selection of components.

Setting the right course

Selecting the right components determines how quickly a project reaches its goal and how robust the chosen solution will be. It is therefore important to us to have good and regular communication with our customers - right from the start. This enables us to ensure that any technical issues are identified and remedied early on in the development phase. With this procedure, we guarantee you low risk and also avoid unnecessary costs.

We integrate the following components for you according to your individual needs:

  • Camera & optics
  • Constructive features
  • Cables & interfaces
  • Pc selection such as checking cycle & execution times
  • Sensors & actuators

Project Image

Step by step to optimal concept

As a rule, we first record all the requirements of our customers, then evaluate the initial solution, before presenting the results to you. After discussing the results, the proposal is then iteratively refined until you are satisfied with the overall concept. In the final step, your desired concept will be realised.