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P.Portal | Analyze & document condition of goods

The quality of products must be right – always and everywhere. The scalable quality assurance solution P.Portal analyzes and documents the condition of goods and products: during incoming goods inspection, during outgoing goods inspection or during ongoing production.


Traceability creates safety

Your advantages:


In the event of a complaint, the image material can be used to quickly and easily determine whether you are really responsible for the damage – or not. This not only saves you time and nerves, but also unnecessary expenses.

The P.Portal photographs the condition of goods during loading and unloading. The logistics process is recorded seamlessly by the cameras.

Optionally, packaging labels with bar, DMC and QR codes can be automatically read and linked – even with your booking system.

The entire photography process does not take any additional time: Loading and unloading processes can be carried out as usual.


Optimizing modules

By selecting different modules, P.Portal can be customized individually.


Smart lightEnergy saving lighting control


The intelligent light control for the photography process actively saves energy costs.

  • Green technology

Read codeIntegration of
packaging labels


Traceability of your package labels. Read Datamatix, QR or barcodes.

  • Fast backward search
  • Fewer incorrect bookings

Smart recordingData saving
image recording


Intelligent filter that deselects unnecessary images without content. This saves storage space and time when processing a complaint case.

  • Memory efficient
  • Presorted images


In an example configuration, the following specifications result:



Drive-through size(W x H) 2438 mm x 2591 mm (ISO Container)
Frame rate > 10 Images per second
Interfaces Ethernet
HMI 24" Touchmonitor (Optional)
Software P.Portal
Functions & modules Smart Light, Code Read, Booking Live, Smart Recording


Dimensions (W x H x D) 2718 mm x 2771 mm x 825 mm
Nominal power 0,6 kW
Supply 100 V .. 240 V
Weight 360 kg