Tailor-made software development

We are passionate about realising innovative ideas through our programming. The use of extensive, tried and tested libraries saves development time and provides robust machine vision systems.

Powerful software libraries

As a system integrator, we use the following software libraries for machine vision:

  • OpenCV | Halcon | Sherlock | Vision Builder | Merlic

The selection is made according to customer requirements for integration, development time and licensing.

Custom machine vision systems

A significant difference between machine vision systems is their respective scope of performance in terms of functionality and speed. Irrespective of the system chosen, the operation should always be user-friendly and as simple as possible. We use various technologies and standards so that even complex tasks are easy for you to control.

In principle, we develop with and for:

  • C# | .Net | WPF | Visual Studio
  • C++ | Qt
  • Windows | Linux | 32/64bit

Shorter development times

Our tailor-made solutions for your project are always tailored to your needs. However, these solutions do not always have to be designed from scratch. We have already developed an extensive range of function modules that enable us to implement your applications quickly and cost-effectively. Our programs are optimised to meet your needs and are based on robust, tried-and-tested technology.