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The actual skill is to implement even complex tasks by using simple, proven and up-to-date technologies. Benefit from our experience as system integrators and - apart from receiving a customer-oriented and manufacturer-independent hardware - also get up-to-date and functional software technologies, all from a single source.

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References and Technologies

Our customers have individual requirements. We implement agreed solution concepts with particular attention to detail. Here we give you an insight:

3D Vison with Robotics

Smart robot programming for efficient production lines

3D-cameras can scan different surfaces accurately. Even in the case of randomly placed parts the 3D Vision is able to calculate their exact orientations and positions. With this information, robotics are able to dynamically plan paths and grip efficiently.

  • 3D Vision and Robotics from one source
  • Planning of collision-free paths
  • Automatic hand-eye calibration

Uniform Measuring Systems

Quality Assurance with 100% checks

Our machine vision systems measure objects and monitor processes. In addition to distances, diameters and angles, the measuring result can also be, for example, a colour distance (ΔE from LAB colour space).

  • Dynamic input - No teach for new types of products
  • Many different measuring- and analysing methods
  • High accuracy – even in the case of moving objects

Traceability Systems

Traceability for maintaining processes

Within regulated industries, for instance the automotive industry, traceability is of central importance. Improving processes by using traceability systems can also reduce standstill times and minimise product liability risks in other manufacturing companies.

  • Data protection conformity in compliance with DSGVO
  • Flexible data storage
  • Video buffer for observing processes
  • Integration into existing processes