Our Automation is robustcustomer-friendlyefficienttraceableresult-orientedcan be networked

The actual skill is to implement even complex tasks by using simple, proven and up-to-date technologies. Benefit from our experience as system integrators and - apart from receiving a customer-oriented and manufacturer-independent hardware - also get up-to-date and functional software technologies, all from a single source.

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Systemintegration Kamera Aquisition
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Flexible, integrable machine vision system

When developing an machine vision system, we provide you with individually adapted solutions and design options.


Robust and efficient

Stable and efficient functionality - even under the most adverse conditions


Integration into existing production processes


User interface designed in a sophisticated style - always clear and simple


Can be networked

Compatible interfaces for existing systems / Industry 4.0


Results are recorded and displayed graphically


Access to raw data or processed results for quality assurance


Carrying out Feasibility Studies

Evaluating your existing situation to find the optimal solution

It is often recommended to carry out a feasibility study at the beginning of a project – customer’s product samples can, for instance, be examined with different lighting environments. If requested by the customer, the requirements and local conditions can be assessed on a visit to site. More than 90 % of the applications can be implemented with proven methods.

  • Pre-examination with your product samples
  • Advice on technical possibilities
  • Planning security in respect of the project progression

Modern Production Technologies

Reducing the development time with Rapid Prototyping and 3D-Print

By using 3D-print, we can test and develop under close-to-reality conditions quite early in the project phase. The experience gained during the 3D-print in terms of design are directly incorporated into the end product.

  • Problem-free start-up phase
  • Tests under close-to-reality conditions
  • Prototyping - involving the customer in the development processes in a transparent manner